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Keep Your Eyes Open

Ever hear that old Chinese curse – “May you live in interesting times?”

Well, these are interesting times, aren’t they?

It’s a brave new world –exciting, dynamic and new. But do we have the skills and self confidence to survive in this rapidly changing reality? Things that were the norm even two years ago are now obsolete.

The way people communicate has shifted radically and in turn, how we work and earn money has shifted with it. While some businesses are closing, with people being laid off and struggling to support themselves and their families, others are finding their path to success in these tough times. But you have to know how to succeed.

Australians are adept at making the best of a rum deal. It’s our entrepreneurial spirit – that ‘never say die’ attitude.

The “proudly Australian” campaign in the 90’s proved that we’d support our own. Proudly. (Even if some of those silly swing tags got in the way when we tried on a new t-shirt.)

Now, I am not for one minute suggesting that we put swing tags on our entrepreneurs. That would be sillier than a koala founding a ministry of silly walks.

However, if more people stopped relying on others to take care of them and instead took responsibility for their own lives and their own future, their happiness and most of all their sense of fun…the world would be an undeniably better place.

Now is the time for “thinking outside the box” and all the other buzzwords you can think of. It’s how we deal with the challenges that mark us as men and women. It makes us who we are.

Entrepreneurs are the dreamers in our society. They have the vision and the strength to succeed through adversity.  They have the self reliance to know they’re going to get where they want to be.

And right now, today, more than ever, we need entrepreneurs to dream big and succeed.  Not just here in Australia, but globally.

And the bigger, better, and more competent you are, the better it is for the world. Because when your business or idea succeeds, it makes the world a better place for us all.

Rachel Oliver – Polaris Global


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