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The Young Entrepreneur

Some entrepreneurs are simply born with a business mind. They think in a way studying at uni can never teach you. Their entrepreneur skills are a part of their genetic makeup.

For many, their understanding of the marketplace and their free flow of ideas and ways to solve problems, or provide necessary services, is an extension of their natural personalities.

20-year-old Ryan Djurovich, who less than a year ago started an online marketing and web development business called Antevo in Melbourne, contends that if they can start up in a recession and be successful, they can survive anything. He proves that just because you are young, it doesn’t mean you can’t be successful.

His father was retrenched when Ryan was younger and he decided that he would never be in that position. His philosophy is if you work hard at your own business and get the results, no one can lay you off.

His instinctual entrepreneur skills are paying off and he is on his way to success, flying the flag for other eager young minds to flock to his independent banner.

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